14744 1/144 F-16 Falcon

14744 1/144 F-16 Falcon


Minicraft Model Kits


Finished Model Size  5" X 3.75" X 1.5"   (32) Parts

The single engine United States Air Force F-16 has been the backbone of the modern United States Air Force and Air National Guard for many years. While the USAF is now retiring most F-16 units, many continue to serve with distinction with Air Forces of U.S. allies. This F-16 represents one of many USAF aircraft that operated in the Persian Gulf during the Gulf Wars.

The new Minicraft F-16A kit features 2 USAF markings that served in combat in wars fought in the Persian Gulf with decals printed by Cartograf. This new kit features pre-decorated clear parts, and the new Minicraft clear stand for desktop “in flight” display.

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