14742 1/144 AC-130A Gunship “Azrael Angel Of Death”

14742 1/144 AC-130A Gunship  “Azrael Angel Of Death”


Minicraft Models


Finished Model Size 13" X 8" X 2"     (95) parts       

First deployed in the late 1960’s the United States Air Force recognized the heavy weight carrying capacity and long duration flight of the C-130. These attributes made the C-130 an ideal aircraft to be adapted to serve as an airborne gun platform for accurate high volume fire directed at enemy locations. The C-130A named “Azrael” first operated in Viet Nam and proved the effectiveness of the C-130 gunship concept.

Minicraft Model Kits new #14593 represents the C-130A deployed in Vietnam and includes both 105 MM gun and 7.65 “mini-guns” used so effectively to blanket enemy positions in South-east Asia in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Kit includes several armament options including proto-type armament, operational armament and markings for both the proto-type aircraft and Azrael, Angel of Death”.  

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