14731 1/144 TBF Avenger (Pre-Painted Canopy)

14731  1/144  TBF Avenger (Pre-Painted Canopy)


14731  1/144  TBF Avenger (Pre-Painted Canopy)

Minicraft Models

The Avenger was first deployed during the battle of Midway in June 1942 and operated from aircraft carriers and land bases throughout WWII. It proved to be a sturdy and reliable aircraft and the best, most effective torpedo bomber used during WWII. The Avenger was adapted for continued use long after WWII as a transport, trainer, light bomber and fire-retardant bomber in civilian service. This new kit includes high quality Cartograf decals with 2 marking options and features pre-decorated clear parts. Two sets of clear parts are included in this kit, one undecorated and the second that includes pre-painted clear parts to simulate the canopy windshield and canopy frame.

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