14712 1/144 B-17G "Mercy's Madhouse"

14712 1/144 B-17G  "Mercy's Madhouse"


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The B-17 was one of the most advanced heavy bomber in the United States Army Air Force before WWII. Several versions of the B-17 served throughout the war, the B-17G being among the last most heavily armed of the B-17 family. The B-17 was the primary bomber used to conduct the daylight strategic bombing campaign against Nazi Germany that ultimately contributed to the defeat of Germany. This new kit features new markings for 2 aircraft that operated with the 8’Th Air Force in WW2.   

This new kit features markings and “nose art” representing Mercy’s Mad House” as the aircraft operated with the 303’erd bombing group of the USAAF 8’th Air Force.

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