14672 1/144 C-130B USAF w/2options

14672 1/144 C-130B USAF w/2options


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Developed in the mid nineteen fifties, the C-130 provided the U.S. Air Force a new modern turbo-prop transport with long range and short take-off and landing capability to replace the aging twin and four engine transports from the WWII era. For over 50 years the C-130 has served as the most versatile U.S. Air Force transport in history. This kit represents the distinctive C-130 B which did not use under-wing fuel tanks. This variant was among fastest and most maneuverable versions of the early C-130 designs. This kit features new markings for 2 aircraft, opening rear cargo door, rotating propellers and recessed panel lines.

Markings for the following aircraft are included in this kit:

C-130B 60-0295, USAF, Germany, 1980

C-130B 61-0950, USAF, Germany, 1964

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