14452B 1/144 MD-80 (No Decals)

14452B 1/144 MD-80 (No Decals)


14452B 1/144 MD-80 (No Decals)

Minicraft Models


Finished Kit Size: 12.5" X 9" X 2.25 (50+) Parts

Bagged MD-80 kit 1/144 scale (No Decals)  Includes plastic kit and assembly instructions. Decals available through several online decal sellers such as www.drawdecals.com. Search for 1/144 MD-80 decals.

The MD-80 was a development of the very successful DC-9. The aircraft was named for the “super 80” which described the stretch fuselage DC-9. The final design was called the MD-80 after the combination of McDonald and Douglas Aircraft Companies. The MD-80 began service in the 1980’s and selected airlines are still operating the MD-80 today.

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