11682 1/72 F4U-5 Corsair USN

11682 1/72 F4U-5 Corsair USN


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Finished Model Size 10" X 9" X 2"  (85) Parts

The Corsair was developed in 1942 as an aircraft carrier based high performance fighter. The Corsair used the most advanced and powerful radial engine available to turn the largest propeller that could be fitted to the airframe. To accommodate the large propeller the wings were bent to give the large propeller clearance of the landing surface thus giving the airplane the nickname “bent wing bird”. After significant challenges during the development and deployment of the Corsair were overcome, the F4U Corsair was recognized as one of the best fighters in world War Two. The Corsair served the US Navy as a first line operational fighter and fighter-bomber from World War Two to the Korean War from 1950 to 1953. After the Korean War new jets and even larger propeller driven aircraft started replacing the Corsair.

The new Minicraft 1/48 scale Corsair can be built to represent one of 2 US Navy aircraft Corsairs. The kit features recessed panel lines, detailed interior, under-wing armament including bombs and rockets and markings for the US Navy F4U-5 with 20mm cannons based on the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and a Navy reserve aircraft based in Glenview IL.

Markings included in this kit are:

 Navy Reserve AB Glenview, 1954

VF-14, CVG-1, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1953

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