11681 1/72 PV1 Ventura

11681 1/72 PV1 Ventura


Minicraft Models


Finished Model Size 11" X 9" X 2"  (72) parts

The United States Navy operated the PV-1 Ventura throughout WWII as both a long- range patrol bomber and as a gunship used to attack enemy ground targets and shipping. After WWII the Ventura as largely phased out as newer models replaced the pre-war design but the Ventura continued to operate in limited roles for training and reserve duties.  After World War II, many Ventura’s were sold as surplus for use by private operators.

This new kit features new markings printed by Cartograf representing one late war USN  and one Canadian aircraft from 1948.

 Marking included in this kit are:

RCAF, Operational Trainer, 1948

US Navy, Unit Unknown, 1945

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