11670 1/48 Bonanza

11670 1/48 Bonanza


11670 1/48 Bonanza 11670 1/48 Bonanza

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The Beechcraft Bonanza was developed just after the end of WWII and first flown in 1947. Designed as a low wing high performance private aircraft, the “V” tailed Bonanza combined performance and sleek looks to deliver a very effective private airplane. However after years of utilizing the famous “V” tail design there were numerous crashes mostly attributed to pilot error but the “V” tail design was recognized as a factor. In the hands of inexperienced pilots the “V” tail could be difficult to master. The decision was made in the late  1950’s to modify the Bonanza V-35 to use a redesigned conventional tail, rudder and elevator structure that significantly change the looks of the Bonanza.  This kit represents the “re-designed” Bonanza F-33 from 1966.

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