11241 1/16 1935 Morgan

11241 1/16 1935 Morgan


11241 1/16 1935 Morgan 11241 1/16 1935 Morgan 11241 1/16 1935 Morgan

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The Morgan, affectionately known to enthusiasts as “the Mog” or “Moggie”, was first produced in 1910, and was changed very little until 1936 when it was supplemented by the four-wheeled Morgan sports car. The last three wheel Mog was built in 1951, making its production run of forty-one years one of the longest in automotive history.

 Most of the models were powered by J.A.P. 980 CC V-Twin engines. The matchless MX2 air cooled was another popular option.

 The Morgan was a noted pioneer on independent front wheel suspension and could reach speeds in excess of 90 mph. It had two forward speeds and reverse. In air-cooled engine versions, the radiator was used to store and cool the oil. The little car had a wheelbase of 85 inches. The front wheel brakes were operated by a lever, while the rear brakes was controlled by a foot pedal and cable.

 Many of these unique cars are still exist and can be seen in automotive museums.

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