11202 1/3 750 Motorcycle Engine

11202 1/3 750 Motorcycle Engine


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Until 1971, the super-bikes of road racing were usually powered by single-cylinder 500cc high-revving engines that were hand-assembled and bench tested in Europe. Although there were four-cylinder motorcycle engines such as the Henderson or Ariel Square-four, they were not competitive and were regarded suitable for touring bikes rather than racing machines.

At the Daytona races in 1971, a mass-produced four-cylinder 750cc engine made all other motorcycle engines obsolete overnight. The Honda 750 super-bikes swept the race and forever changed the complexion of motorcycle racing all over the world. The basic design of the 750 has been refined, enlarged or reduced in displacement, but the superb design of the Honda 750 lives on today, powering hundreds of thousands of motorcycles in every country.

Designed with a single overhead cam, the four-cylinder Honda produced 67hp at 8,000 rpm, sufficiently powerful to propel the Honda motorcycles to speeds well in excess of 100mph.

Your Minicraft model of the Honda 750 uniquely captures the internal workings of the motor, featuring removeable panels to watch parts in motion revealing the operation of the original.

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