Minicraft Plays a Major Role

20 September, 2013 1 comments Leave a comment

“Minicraft has played a major role in my interest and enjoyment of aircraft modeling... Minicraft has maintained a steady stream of high quality airliner kits and optional airline decal sheets.
 ...having met and worked with the Minicraft staff on a few projects, I would like to say that the people behind the brand are dedicated to producing quality products, and truly concerned about the modeling customer.
Thank you Minicraft for years of modeling pleasure!”
Carl Knable
Master Modeler
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  1. Tim Stumpf IPMS#3980 June 05, 2016

    I love building your kits. The special markings of the E-3 was outstanding.
    I would like to mak a suggestion on future kits. First, I would like to suggest the C-5. There are several versions of it and has a high interest. ENTEX several years ago made the 1/144 kit of it and is highly prized on EBAY. I built one years ago and found many faults with it but still stands out in n my collection. The kit is not up to current versions and I think would be successful product.
    Second, would be the Convair 340/440/580. Lots of after market decals available but focused on the Welsh kit. Lots of airliner and military (foreign and US)
    Hope to see you at the 2016 IPMS Nationals

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